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-Last touch detail spray
-Synthetic clay lubricant
-Removes fingerprints and dust
-Provides depth, shine, and gloss
Stateside's Recharge State elevates above the rest when it comes to paint protection, brilliant shine and easy application. Us as a Top Coat for Ceramic Coating or as a Stand Alone Sealant. 6-9 months of protection with proper care
-Pleasant lemon fragrance
-Enriched with hand moisturizers
-Concentrated formula, dilute 300:1
-Biodegradable car soap
Stateside's 10H Graphene State Ceramic Coating sets the new standard in ceramic coatings. New graphene technology will add 6+ years of protection, depth and a brilliant finish.
Pink Lemonade is a superior balanced formulation that contains surfactants, water immiscible solvents and synthetic cleaning agents. As a result, cleaning is accomplished with a minimum of chemicals in contact with the all interior and exterior surfaces.
-Ultimate SI02 technology
-Ceramic Protection
-Just spray on and wipe away
-No curing time
-Extreme water beading protection
-Professional strength acid
-Removes brake dust with ease
-Concentrated formula, dilute 9:1
-Read directions carefully
-Low foaming carpet detergent
-Deep cleaning action
-Concentrated formula, dilute 200:1
-Loaded with optical brightness
Stateside's Surface Preparation for Ceramic Coatings
-Pleasant fragrance
-Long lasting scent
-Ready to us
-VOC compliant
Removes brake dust with ease. Concentrated formula dilute 4:1. Non Hydrofluoric formulation
-All Purpose Interior Cleaner
-Removes the most stubborn stains
-Concentrated formula
-Non flammable & biodegradable
Cars, recreational and commercial vehicles, workshop and industrial floors, machinery, etc.
PROTECT YOUR PAINT - Sonax Polymer Net Shield protects your vehicle's paint surface with a quick and easy to apply bodywork sealant giving your vehicle UV protection and an anti-static finish
-Ultimate SI02 technology
-Ceramic Protection
-Just spray on and wipe away
-No curing time
-Extreme water beading protection
-Pleasant grape fragrance
-Concentrated formula , dilute 164:1
-Pure Brazilian carnauba wax
-Biodegradable car soap
-Oxy cleaner for fabrics
-Dries quickly with NO residue
-Ideal for removal of grease, grime, and food stains
-VOC compliant
-Ready to use
PROTECT YOUR PAINT, WHEELS, AND PAINTED SURFACES FOR MONTHS! Liquid Paint Sealant’s acrylic polymer technology can be applied by hand or machine and protects for months.
High foaming, pH neutral cleaning foam with a unique cherry fragrance
Can be used as a Snow Foam for pre-washing when applied using a foam gun or foam sprayer, and as a shampoo for manual car washing
Built in limescale remover
Streak free
Cleans and protects
-Eliminates Stubborn Water Spots
-Works Great on Paint & Chrome
-Safe for Use on Clear Coats
-Read Directions Carefully!!
ENHANCE VEHICLE EXTERIORS - Instantly provides shine to vehicle’s exterior components. Ideal for use on body molding, trim and engine compartments made of vinyl, plastic and other composite materials.
Ceramic Spray is a water based sealant which contains silicones, UV inhibitors and proprietary ingredients.
Cherry Soap is specially formulated with unique surfactant that create a rich dense foam that lifts dirt from vehicles surface. Cherry Power has a pleasant cherry scent and is a neutral pH formulation which is safe on all automotive paint surfaces.
Showingof 129 item(s)