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Maintain a clean and welcoming environment with this Sandia 50-1000 3 gallon 55 PSI spot extractor with clear view upholstery tool!
STRONG CLEANING POWER: This car cleaning gun is powered by high-speed spinner motor to deeply inject car cleaner on dirt for a powerful clean.
Maintain a clean and welcoming environment with this Sandia 50-7000 3 gallon 55 PSI 3-stage spot extractor with in-line heater and stainless steel upholstery tool!
XtremepowerUS 8Gal. heavy duty wet/dry vac is designed to deliver high performance through its 3 HP motor that easily handles tough clean-up tasks.
Nine free accessories to adapt cleaner to every situation: Stairs, carpet, clothing, car interior and rims, etc. Gets into hard-to-reach areas.
Multi-surface use: Works on every surface including laminate, hardwood, fabric and upholstery.
Soft Scrub Brush, Medium Scrub Brush in Yellow and Green, Stiff Scrub Brush
Save time and effort with our drill attachment power scrubber brush set
Our 4 inch diameter drill brush attachment set features a quarter inch quick change shaft
Sandia 80-4000-H Sniper 12 Gallon Indy Automotive 100 PSI 3-Stage Corded Carpet Extractor with In-Line Heater
Just As Effective As Clay Bars -- The synthetic clay sponge effectively removes paint overspray, water spots, fresh tree sap, rail dust, bird droppings, light oxidation, brake dust and other bonded surface contaminants
Adjustable Snow Foam Lance with 1/4" quick disconnection fitting. Container Capacity: Liter / Gallon. Specification: PSI to PSI. ★EASY to install: fill some soap into the bottle with warm water to get thick foam
10 Pack Car Detailing Brush Auto Detail Brush Set, 6 PCs Detail Brushes Kit for Cleaning Wheels, Interior, Exterior, Dashboard, 1 Air Vent Brush, 3 Wire Brushes
1 Pack of 80 super absorbent cloths. Clean spills or have just for general cleaning.
Flow-Thru Heavy Duty Car Wash Brush Head with Soft Bristle Tri-Level Dip Auto Wash Brush Car Exterior Washing 12 Inch Green
Easily cleans leather goods and surfaces
Made with natural horse hair bristles
Dual-sided and ultra-versatile for every detailing job
Perfect for cleaning seats, upholstery, bags, shoes, and more
Abrasion resistant body
Compatible with common fertilizers, weed killers and pesticides
Made in the USA
In-tank anti-clog filter for continuous spraying
Ergonomic handle for easy pumping and carrying
Slip your favorite 12” diameter round bucket into the dolly, secure it with the three locating screws, then fill with water go for a roll!
Detailing 16 Oz. Empty Polish Bottle with Self Cleaning
Stateside's wheel woolies clean wheels, engines and make it easier to get into hard-reach area. Great for wheel spokes, engine bays, door jambs, bumpers, vents, rims and exhaust tips etc.
When you need more scrubbing action than our Ultra-Fine Detailing Brushes provide, our Detail Factory Boar Hair Detailing Brushes are the perfect option.
Ultra soft & non-abrasive microfiber cloths cover absorbent sponge
Inside stitched two times, long lasting and durable
Perfect for cleaning and waxing interior and exterior
Size: 60x90cm
Color: Purple
Thickness: 1200g/m2
Material: Double Side Twist Loop
Harris Home, Auto and Garden Chemical Resistant Pump Sprayer allows easy application for use with cleaners, bleach, insecticides, garden sprays and auto detailing. The pump sprayer can be adjusted to spray a fine mist or jet spray.
High Pressure Washer Professional Foam Cannon for Car Washing Stateside High Pressure Washer Professional Foam Cannon for Car Washing
Constructed with microfiber on one side and high-tech polymerized rubber coating on the other.
Size: 8″ × 6″ blue
Showingof 65 item(s)