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Penson & Co Turbo Nozzle 3.5GPM MAX 5000PSI

MAX pressure: 5000PSI; Working pressure: 4300PSI. Max Temperature: 130F
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  • Quick Connect Inlet: 1/4"; Nozzle size: 4.0 GPM (1.236mm)
  • Material: rubber + stainless steel
  • Fast rotate: 30000R/M
  • Ten times faster than a standard nozzle These nozzles operates in a rotary fashion, by releasing the water in a fast-spinning circular motion. This nozzle is ideal for hosing pathways, driveways and other concrete surfaces, cutting your cleaning time at least in half whilst providing maximum cleaning effect.

    The nozzle automatically spins a zero degree spray in a 4-8 inch circle at 3000 rotations per minute.It has proven to clean 10 times faster than a standard nozzle. Consequently, the spinning water jet hits the surface area from multiple angles, quickly breaking down caked-on dirt and grime. It is even great for stripping paint or cleaning concrete surfaces.Cut your cleaning time in half with this innovative rotary turbo nozzle.

    1. We made a test for the turbo nozzle: we kept it working without any interrupt, and it worked only for 120 hours until it's dead because it generated a high temperature which ruined the turbo core. So our suggestion is that do not keep using it for a long time. If you use it properly(incontinuously), its working life would expand to 500H at least. So treat it like a baby!
    2. If your equipment is of high pressure but low flow, the nozzle can be damaged. If your equipment is of big flow but small pressure, your cleaning ability will be reduced. Please note that nozzle fan degree does not effect nozzle size selection.SO please check whether the pressure of your equipment is under the 5000PSI and make the most to keep it working under 4300PSI
    3. To ensure no leaks you must wrap PTFE tape to the screw thread. You should wrap it on the opposite side of the rotating direction. Please note the PFTE tape is NOT INCLUDED in the package. 4. It's normal that there are some rust spots on the products because of our techology and please note it's originally packaged sent but not used.
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