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Pressure-Pro Cat Pumps 2200 PSI 4 GPM Solid Shaft Plunger Pump

This low maintenance pump is made for continuous duty operation and is well suited to the many different cycles of a car wash. Forged brass manifold with stainless steel valve assemblies and solid ceramic plungers. A best seller!
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Triplex Plunger design provides smoother liquid flow. V-Packings are completely lubricated and cooled by the liquid being pumped. Special ported inlet manifold permits an external flush liquid providing cooling for hi-temp liquids and lubrication for low lubricity liquids. Lubricated Lo-Pressure Seals provide double protection against external leakage.  Oil bath crankcase assures optimum lubrication. Close tolerance concentricity of the ceramic plunger offers perfect alignment and maximizes seal life. 
Quality Materials
Precision design 304 and 316 stainless steel valves and seats are hardened and polished for ultimate seating and extended valve life. Brass, Stainless Steel, Duplex SS or Nickel Aluminum Bronze manifolds for strength and corrosion resistance. Special concentric, high-density, polished, solid ceramic plungers provide a true wear surface and extended seal life. Specially formulated, CAT PUMP exclusive, V-Packings offers unmatched performance and seal life. Die cast aluminum crankcase provides high strength, minimum weight and precision tolerance control. Chrome-moly crankshaft gives unmatched strength and surface hardness. Oversized crankshaft bearings with greater loading capacity mean longer bearing life.
Easy Maintenance
Wet-end easily serviced without entering crankcase. Valve assemblies are accessible without disturbing piping. Interchangeable inlet and discharge valve assemblies. Preset seals require no packing adjustment. The most popular direct-drive plunger pumps for self-service bays.


  • Drive type: belt
  • Triplex plunger design provides smooth fluid flow
  • Exclusive high-pressure seals improve performance and seal life
  • Abrasion resistant solid ceramic plungers
  • Inlet port and discharge port valve assemblies interchange for easy maintenance
  • Oil bath crankcase
  • Heat treated valves and seats
  • Oversized crankshaft bearings with greater loading capacity for longer bearing life
  • Wet end is serviced without entering the crankcase; saves time and effort
  • Preset packings; no packing gland adjustments necessary

Pump Applications:

  • Car wash and truck wash
  • Continuous duty, high-pressure washing applications
  • Industrial cleaning, pressure washing, reverse osmosis, water misting, and more

Pump Technical Specs:

  • Max Flow: 4 GPM
  • Pressure Range: 100 - 2200 PSI
  • Inlet Valve Pressure Range: -5 to 60 PSI (-0.35 to 4 bar)
  • RPM: 950

Assembled in the USA


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