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Stateside "House Revive" Soft Wash Surfactant 32oz

Stateside's soft wash surfactant is setting the standards in cleaning technology
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Stateside's surfactant improves House Revive's ability to cling to surfaces, increasing contact time and improving cleaning efficacy. Made for use with Soft Wash Systems, concentrate makes up to 200 gallons soft wash solution by itself depending on condition factors: Roofs, vinyl siding, screen enclosures, fences, decking, brick, stone, stucco, concrete and driveways.

Directions: 32 oz standard mix ratio 200:1 will make up to 50 gallons of soft wash solution. Every application is different and will need to be increased or decreased accordingly. Based on the surface to be cleaned, mix a batch of House Revive to the dilution table below. Refer to the pump or sprayer wash solutions and surfaces to be cleaned.

Dilution Table: Ad to tank in this order: Household bleach, soft wash surfactant and water.

Brand: Stateside Equipment

Citrus Scent

Size: 32 oz 

Weight: 2.25 lbs

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