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About us

Living The Dream

Stateside Equipment Sales was founded in 2019 by Jason T. who has a long history in the pressure washing industry. Going back to 1998, when the dream to start his own business was born, he wowed customers by doing the very best job possible, making sure nobody could come in and do it better. This dream lives on today as one of the most successful pressure washing and sweeping companies based in California.
Jason has had some noticeable issues with local suppliers not having the right equipment on hand, price gouging and no shops to turn to on the weekends for supply needs. Stateside Equipment Sales started out as a small pressure washing parts store and tool supply. Stocked items priced right, popular products on hand and the best customer service you can get, morphed the shop into its own Stateside Brand pressure washers, chemical lines and a large vendor for most of the major brands. We are proud to partner with good manufacturers of name brand products and cleaning equipment for the consumer that wants the best as well as private labels for the consumers that are on a budget. We will greet you with a hand shake and introduce ourselves upon arrival and will thank you for stopping by whether you buy from us or not. We look forward to serving you!

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