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Detailing Utility Water Tank 100 Gallon

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Ronco's 100 Gallon Water Tank is the most popular auto detailing water tank on the market today. Please view special product details on this product.

Tank measures 38.5"L x 26.5"W x 25"H. 3/4" threaded on bottom for connection to pump and 1/2" threaded on top for bypass if desired or plug with cap included. This Poly 100 Gallon Water Tank is ideal for the mobile detailer working out of a pick-up truck, van, or a trailer. These 100 plastic gallon water tanks are the most popular size for mobile detailers, giving them enough water to last the day and then some! Depending on how conservative you are, you can wash (full exterior wash, wheels, wheel wells, bed liners, etc.) 10 to 15 cars on average. The average mobile detailer performs anywhere from two to six full details daily. Additionally, this water tank also includes with it, molded slots for tie down straps so that this unit is secure and safe at all times.


•When tank is full, capacity expands to 100 gallons
•UV Stabilized for outdoor storage
•Linear polyethylene
•Molded in 3/4" NPT outlets standard (can customize)
•Resin complies with U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulation.


•38.5L" x 26.5W" x 25H"

Special Product Details

This product is listed under high demand sale volume. It can easy show in stock but sell out during checkout. If the item becomes unavailable, you will be contacted and updated. It will immediately be ordered through the manufacture for restock if another current order is not already open to be fulfilled, however, these tanks have up to a 30-day lead time for new orders from the manufacturer.

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