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SPTA Microfiber Car Wash Mitt Glove 1pc

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SPTA Microfiber Car Wash Mitt Glove 1pc

Gentle Maintenance: Our car wash gloves are made of high quality microfiber, very soft, trying to avoid scratching the car.
SUPER ABSORBENT: Various lengths of microfibers on the glove's surface make our car wash gloves extremely absorbent, allowing you to clean your car conveniently.
Quick Cleaning: The gloves' ultra-fine and gentle microfibers glide effortlessly on the car's surface for a quick car wash.
Easy to use: hand washing gloves are made of microfiber, suitable for hands. You always have the best grip so you can keep the foam car wash clean.
Provide Good Customer Service: SPTA hopes to provide products at reasonable prices to all customers. Any questions, you can contact us, we will offer you the best solution. If you are not happy with our service, please let us know and we will do our best to make it right!

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