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Stateside Graphene State Ceramic Coating 10H 50ml

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Stateside's 10H Graphene State Ceramic Coating sets the new standard in ceramic coatings. New graphene technology will add 6+ years of protection, depth and a brilliant finish.

Stateside's 10H Graphene State Ceramic Coating is the latest ceramic technology available for years of protection and durability. Graphene (graphene oxide) is the additive to the existing Ceramic Coating made of SiO2 (silica dioxide). Graphene by itself will not form a coating. Stateside's Ceramic Coating with form the Bond with the inclusion of Graphene will form the surface of the coating. 

Graphene State is packed with key benefits: ease of use compared to traditional coatings. Longer working times, Graphene additive allows you to cover larger areas and reduce application time. Designed for multi surface applications. Ultra hydrophobicity and increased water spot resistance. 10H hardness and high contact angles of 110-118 deg. 

Maintenance: Wash and maintain the coating Regularly. Recommend Stateside Recharge State Top Coat every 6 months.


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Stateside 10H Graphene State Ceramic Coating

Quantity 1 Bottle 50ml (towels, pads sold separately this is not a kit)

3.75 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches

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