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Autofiber Microfiber Mesh Bug & Decon Towels 3pk

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Autofiber Microfiber Mesh Bug & Decontamination Towels (3pk)

This innovative bug towel design is constructed to make gut removal and iron decontamination easier and more efficient.

Folded and pre-sewn so that it is flipped and turned inside out to get to a clean towel section.

For bug removal, use your favorite APC or bug product and gently agitate the paint. Don’t scrub too hard!

For iron decontamination, apply the decon product and gently agitate the surface to to help activate the chemical reaction.


Microfiber Mesh Scrubber
Folded & Pre-Sewn
Four Clean Surfaces per Towel
Flip Over & Inside Out
Works as a Mitt 
8” x 8”
300 GSM
75/25 Blend
Microfiber Mesh Towel
Overlock Stitch


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