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Stateside Recharge State Sealer/Ceramic Top Coat 16oz

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Stateside's Recharge State elevates above the rest when it comes to paint protection, brilliant shine and easy application. Use as a Topcoat for Ceramic Coating or as a Stand-Alone Sealant. 6-9 months of protection with proper care

Recharge State is an Automotive Grade Polymeric Coating in a clear liquid that forms a Strong Polymeric Film on the surface and boosts Hydrophobicity & Gloss. Can be easily applied on any surface as a Stand-Alone Sealant or as a Top Coat on Ceramic Coating by any car detailer or detailing enthusiast. 

To apply Recharge State as a Top Coat it's important to wait 12 hours after initial Ceramic Coating Application. To apply a 2nd Layer of Recharge State or more, wait 2 hours between coats. 1 Layer is recommended, tack free coating time of 1 hour and a full curing time of 48 hours. For ideal results apply 1 Layer every 6 months.


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Recharge State

.88 pounds 

8.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches

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